Meredith’s Story

Meredith’s story is about hope, freedom and strength when “life” happens…

Meredith has been passionate about health and fitness her entire! life. In fact as far back as she can remember.  She even remembers buying her first “diet” book when she was 12 and going for her first “run” at age 13.  Both on her own guidance.  “My parents were both active and healthy but not into competitive or organized sports.  I was lucky enough to have several family friends, school and camp events lead me into a life filled with running, cycling and once in college: triathlon.  I consider myself very lucky to have found my way to a deep passion for endurance sports very early in life. “

Meredith wants to point out that managing a healthy Mind and Body thru exercise worked for her for over 20 years. She has a minor degree in Health & Exercise Science from U.C. Santa Barbara.  She raced competitively on collegiate cycling and triathlon teams.  She finished her first marathon and her first 140.6 ironman distance triathlon both at the young age of 22!  Yes, she was an early adaptor.  Running, Cycling and triathlon were life-giving to Meredith for years.  Life-giving in the forms of travel, freedom and time to move outside.  Meredith even met her husband (now ex) cycling when she was 23. 

After a couple of years in the Northwest, Meredith had 2 children and left her corporate job to “stay home” and run a bootcamp business. That bootcamp business lead to a 10 year career as a Professional Personal Trainer.  Yes, Meredith was getting paid to do what she loved best; inspiring and motivating her clients to work out, eat better and think better by doing the same.  Meredith’s true gifts of sharing her love of exercise endorphins, strength building in mind and body facilitated newfound happiness and body connection in everyone of her clients.

Meredith took a long break off from competitive cycling and triathlon due to the California girl not adapting to Oregon weather.  “I dabbled here and there.” she says, “Or was seasonal at best”.  As they say in Oregon, there are 2 seasons, winter and the forth of July.  And I learned quickly I was solar powered by the sun, the Oregon rain was cold and demotivating to me.

But when Meredith went thru her first of many major life transitions, a divorce in 2010, getting back to cycling and racing Triathlons was the first thing that showed back up in her life again.  Why Triathlon?

“I had been following my soul’s journey to heal thru a painful divorce and racing again became a much needed life line to me.  I was lost going through my divorce and triathlon training and racing became my way of connecting back to myself.  Getting outdoors, moving emotions thru my body and meeting and making new friends all were exactly what I needed to recreate myself after divorce.  In 2011 returning to triathlon Racing became a huge source of strength and joy to reconnect to what I loved before I was a wife and a mother.  I had a soul desire to prove to myself that I could be strong on my own 2 feet…with or without a husband.  After a 15 year hiatus, her last Ironman race being 1996, Meredith raced 70.3 ironman’s at Wildflower 2011, breaking a 15 year hiatus!

Divorce was my first real wake up call to personal development and life coaching.  But wait, that is not all, there is more?…

November 5, 2015.  Meredith now a Health & Life Coach was 6 weeks out from competing in a 70.3 ironman.  She had been noticing “things” weren’t right for the past year.  This all came to head when a 10 day migraine led to an MRI scan, which led to the finding of a benign brain tumor in her left ear.  Meredith didn’t even have time to process the overwhelm and anxiety of the brain tumor and what treatments plan to choose.  This migraine lasted a full 30 days before steroids knocked it out. I sat out immediately to use my lifelong knowledge and study, passion and devotion to use Nutrition, movement and mindset to heal my body.

Meredith took 2016 “off” from coaching to dedicate herself fully to her “healing journey”.  “It wasn’t by choice.  I didn’t have the energy or brain power to work.” Every moment was spent on my nutrition, shopping, prepping, tracking researching more.

Meredith returns in 2017, full of compassion for all her clients suffering from pain. Pain can be emotional, physical, and mental.  As a woman, it has always been connected for me.  I knew as early as age 19 that if I was having relationship drama I’d have a lousy race performance.  I’d never been able to separate the physical from the emotional.  I know without a doubt that I am here on a mission to serve my clients facing similar health challenges and life limitations, be them conscious or unconscious. My work as a coach is dedicated to supporting women find their true selves, uncover their dreams and make their best and most vibrant lives possible.  Really possible.

Meredith’s current health status: as of January 2018 is a “wait and see” brain tumor patient.  Meredith has her acoustic neuroma checked every 6 months by MRI.  So far Meredith’s healing journey has continued nutrition components (low carb, high fat, quitting sugar, gut health and hormone reset to name a few.  Meredith has integrated the daily use of essential oils and mineral and vitamin supplements to maintain as many migraine free days and tumor symptom days as possible.  She has also gone deeper into her spirituality and practices yoga, meditation, chakra clearing and energy healing.

I think and feel now, that my 2015 health crisis 911 was a way to bring more compassion into my coaching business.  Having been thru so much chronic and debilitating pain myself I can relate to my clients as they face their own battles; physical, emotional or mentally.  This newfound perspective if life-giving with or without the athletic or life performance.  


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